Redeeming Our Communities Canterbury

Redeeming Our Communities (or ROC for short) is a national charity founded in 2004 with over 150 projects, and many more at the enquiry and planning stage, run by newly recruited volunteers. The charity’s main aim is to bring about community transformation by creating strategic partnerships which open up opportunities for crime and disorder reduction and improved community cohesion. This partnership approach has seen crime and anti-social behaviour fall and fresh hope brought to some of the most deprived and challenging areas of the UK, urban and rural alike.

ROC brings together community groups, churches, the police, the fire service, local authorities and voluntary agencies to encourage them to work together in positive partnerships for practical ‘on the ground’ change. As a result, statutory agencies have improved access to the support of community/church groups, and thousands of volunteers are enabled to better serve the needs of their community.

ROC Canterbury has existed since March 2018, when we held our successful ROC Conversation. We currently have eight Action Groups tackling various needs in the city including:

  • Mental Health
  • Homelessness
  • Howe Green
  • Poverty & Debt

To see the report from the ROC Conversation, click here: ROC Conversation Report Canterbury.

Also, we are very pleased to share the new ROC Canterbury Directory with information of our local action groups and community partners to help you:

ROC Canterbury Directory

For further information about this work and to take part, please see our Facebook Page or contact Local Co-ordinator, Rev Andrew Fitzgerald at [email protected].