Community Hub

The vision of the Community Hub is to be a place where local charities, social action projects and community groups are based through long-term office leases. Aiming to work to meet the needs of our community, we are looking to create partnerships with other organisations. This is a vision of the Kingdom of God breaking into our community and the church fulfilling its calling to be the agent of that transformation.


Our facilities are available for hire, if you would like to make a booking please contact our Hub Manager, Stephen Flower ([email protected]). You can review our hiring Terms and Conditions and our Lettings Prices prior to booking with us using our Booking Form. You can also now do this online by filling out our Online Booking Form.

Lower Hall

Upper Lounge


Upper Hall

Baptist Hall

Allan Ritchie Hall

Room BookingRoom SizeNo. Seated in RowsNo. Seated at TablesHourly Rate 1-3 hrsHourly Rate 4+ hrsFull Day
Upper Hall185m2200130£40.00£30.00£240.00
Lower Hall149m210075£25.00£20.00£160.00
Lower Hall Kitchen£20 (serving only), £50 (cooking included) - one off
Upper Lounge38m22515£16.00£12.00£96.00
Baptist Hall154m210085£25.00£20.00£160.00
Baptist Hall Kitchen£20.00 - one off
Allan Ritchie Hall3020£16£12£96
Office SpaceBetween 8m2 and 15m2£250 per month (including service charges)£30 per day per month if sharing with another group (including service charges)Please ask to check availability

PA System
(Portable or Upper Hall)
Tea & Coffee
(Per 50 people, per day, including milk, sugar and biscuits)
(includes setup and/or takedown of chairs and tables to your preference, if possible)

Service Only
(Upper Hall)
(+ £50 deposit)
Service & Reception
(Upper Hall, Lower Hall, Upper Lounge & Kitchen)
(+£150 deposit)

(Upper Hall, Lower Hall, Upper Lounge, Kitchen)£300 per day
(+ £150 deposit)

20% discount for charity/community groups
10% discount for 8 or more bookings
5% discount for 4-7 bookings
(not including deposits)
Every booking will have an additional £50 deposit added to the cost.
This will be returned after the event, in line with our terms and conditions.