Vision and Values

Our Vision

Transforming lives and communities in Jesus’ name

Our values

Six core values help us to keep focus on the unique call of God for this local church, guiding how we achieve mission and ministry, influencing our leadership decisions as well as everyday plans, staffing and budgeting.

They are taken from the example for church in Antioch, described in the book of Acts, chapters 11:19 and 13:1-3, underpinning our current mission and ministry. Our vision captures the further realisation of these six core values in future action, agreed by church members in September 2020.

Speak the Good News about Jesus Christ

Worship with prayer and fasting

Grow in our study of The Bible

Listen to the Holy Spirit

Help those in need

Send people to serve God

Our faith

In the following statement we seek to articulate our core Christian beliefs:

We believe in God, the creator and sustainer, ruler and King, three persons yet One.
We believe in the Father who loves us, the Son who saved us from the consequences of our sin by his crucifixion and resurrection, and the Holy Spirit who guides us into all truth.

We believe in the word of God, divinely inspired, trustworthy and true, relevant for today and forever.

We believe in baptism, the declaration of faith, the forgiveness of sins and the presence of God dwelling in us as His temple.

We believe in the Church, growing together in God through prayer, worship and communion, revealing His truth to all the world.

We believe in the kingdom of God, present but unfulfilled, the return of Christ and the realisation of God’s kingdom in a new heaven and new earth.

Our baptist belonging

As members of the Baptist Union of Great Britain, we are part of Baptists Together and the South Eastern Baptist Association, also subscribing to the Declaration of Principle.